Sunday, September 9, 2018

The world through my eyes: Odds and ends

The last several months have seen me very busy with writing a book, working, traveling, and the business of living. I've been so busy that each time I thought to write a blog post, I really couldn't settle on something to write about.

I've also been contending with some feelings of overwork. I was talking with a friend about it (what do you do when you are feeling overworked but you love your work so you keep doing it?) and he suggested I find a hobby. I used to have many; I did a variety of assemblage arts, I was a pretty dedicated home cook, cycling, and more, but most of those fell by the wayside when Kevin died. What was left?

What was left was the hobby I picked up after his death as both a way to use a tool he loved and a way to move outside of myself. I take pictures. I realized I hadn't been using my camera much lately, that I'd been so consumed by work that I hadn't even looked at the world from behind the lens.

Here is some of what I've seen recently upon remembering to pick up my camera. Thanks for sharing this glimpse of the world with me.

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A few studies of leaves, light, and shadow.

Seen in Bimidji, MN. I'm not sure this is practical advice all the time.
"But Your Honor, the sign said..."

I love the hidden details of the world.

A very lucky shot. 

I am so lucky to share this world with someone who sees the monsters in the woods, just like I do.

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