Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Finally! I finished it!

I've written before about the need to break our own boundaries in order to stretch creatively. There are all kinds of ways you can do this so I urge you to do something new - draw with crayons, knit, scribble, doodle, play with clay, something.

I make collages, usually out of paper and other media.

I finally finished an ambitious shadowbox project, my own cabinet of curiosities. It's taken me far longer than I expected to complete because I gave myself some fairly rigorous guidelines for completion.

  • the objects in the shadowbox had to be found. I broke that rule only once. Can you guess what the one purchased object is?
  • the arrangement of the objects had to fit within some fluid and arcane rules I made up as I went along
  • and nothing could extend further than the edge of the box, so it could be enclosed by a sheet of plexiglass.
I'm really pleased with it. If you want to see more detail you can go to the flickr image. I'd love to see some of your creative endeavors, please send or post links in the comments section!

I'm working on my next cabinet of curiosities, this one with a more concrete theme and limited scope. I'm hoping to have an exhibit of assemblage art sometime in 2010, I'll keep you posted.

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