Tuesday, May 4, 2010

List: Large shoes

I've lately been dealing with plantar fasciitis. For those who may not know (lucky you!) this is a strain of the plantar fascia that run along the soles of your feet. It typically manifests as heel pain, I have pain along the entire sole of my left foot. I probably strained it exercising. Yay! Aging is fun! Actually, it is fun, far better than the alternative. And this will heal given time, care and shoes with adequate support (so much for strappy sandals) though it's uncomfortable and makes me cranky.

I decided to distract myself by opening up Curious Lists: A Creative Journal for List-Lovers so I could amuse myself and maybe someone else. The universe snickered. This is what I opened to.

Professions that require large shoes

Clown shoe model
Bug squisher
Grape squisher in streamlined factory setting (bigger shoes, more grapes squished)
Nursery rhyme architect, working with old women
Sadistic dance partner
Giant imitator
Large shoe manufacturer industrial spy
Michael Jordan impersonator
Professional butt kicker
Mermaid wanna-be
Misguided boat manufacturer

(c)2010 Laura S. Packer Creative Commons License


  1. adidas shoes and puma shoes

  2. How utterly lovely, Laura! What a great list (I especially like the one about the old woman) and photo!

    I'm about to become a devotee of your blog.

  3. I'm a list person. These are fun!

  4. My husband's golf buddy has plantar fasciitus. It's miserable for him to be on his feet long enough to hit the ball.


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