Friday, May 8, 2015

Chaos, stuff and a momentary lull

As you know, I'm moving. Strictly speaking I have moved; yesterday the movers came, put pretty much everything Kevin and I have owned into a truck and carted it to the new apartment. It's utter chaos.

It's so chaotic I've not been able to think clearly into a blog post.

The move is churning up all kinds of things; I've been going through Kevin's things. It feels really invasive. I want to respect his privacy, even now. I've put a lot of his stuff into storage because I just can't cope with sorting it yet. And it's making me look at all the stuff in my life. I'm thinking a lot about the relationship between self and stuff, grief and stuff, stuff (the physical kind) and stuff (the emotional kind).

Right now? Right now this minute I'm okay. I need to keep moving because sooner or later I won't be able to move anymore. I'll have to stop and let the feelings overwhelm me. But in this moment I'm okay. I'm sitting at my desk in my new office listening to the birds.

I need to keep going. Please forgive me for sacrificing this week's post to the alter of unpacking. If you've ever moved you know this feeling. If you've ever grieved you know what a relief it is to be, in just this moment, alright.

More soon. Thank you.

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