Sunday, July 12, 2015

The world through my eyes: Summer 2015

A few images from around Kansas City, Philadelphia and Atlantic City. As always, images are not adjusted. I'm starting to play with Lightroom so that will change. 
All images and text (c) 2015 Laura Packer

I loved the contrasting colors here. 


Fish out of water

Peeping Jesus

This is the angel in 30th St. Station, Philadelphia.

Walking ghost

I am lucky to live in a house where the landlady plants flowers. 

"And the caterpillar looked at that beautiful flying thing and wailed!"

His name is Philip.
He lives in Atlantic City and sits by the war memorial everyday, watching people. His hat is sparkly and silver. I asked him what he did for work and he said it was so long ago he didn't remember. When it was time for me to leave he kissed my hand.

His name is Leslie.
He sells flags and asked people to remember veterans. He wouldn't let me pay for a flag but gave it to me and told me to tell everyone that he's proud that he served.

Nothing sexy here. Move along.

All images and text (c)2015 Laura S. Packer Creative Commons License

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