Monday, April 25, 2016

U is for unplug

I’m participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge throughout April.
Monday - something light to start the week. A bit of self-care, creativity challenge or the like.
Tuesday - telling notes for a specific story or kind of story. Tips and tricks to help you think about what you're telling and how.
Wednesday - my usual #tellinglife post, looking at some of the more personal aspects of storytelling and its role in my life.
Thursday - a dip into some of the issues facing contemporary storytelling or a dive into some of the more unusual applications of storytelling.
Friday - my usual personal post about life following the death of my husband
Saturday - the storytelling coach offers a tip you can use right now. An example of the kinds of tools I encourage my students to use.

I love my phone. I love my computer. I love all of my devices that help me organize my life, the tools I use for my work, those things that encourage me to fritter away time. Oh my god, did I really spend three hours on Facebook? Yup.

I try to unplug regularly. I try to turn off my phone, set aside my computer and iPad, then just be present in the world. I try to observe more and record/look up/share a little less. The world will not suffer if I don't upload a photo of my breakfast. Even if it was a really good breakfast.

It is, of course, ironic that I'm writing this on my computer and you will read it through a screen, likely having found it through some form of social media. That being said, I urge you to unplug from time to time. It can be remarkably refreshing after you experience panic and worry that you might miss something vital.

Chances are, you won't miss anything crucial if you turn your phone off for an hour or two. Go for a walk. Look at the trees. Swing in a hammock and contemplate the sky. Let the electronic sounds leave your body and mind for a little while.

The world will wait. Unplug. Dream. Live.

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  1. Hi - I just discovered the need to do this too. I now have a phone that just makes phonecalls...(gasp) Use the tech - don't let it use you.

  2. yes back to the nature at least for a few heavenly hours, yes unplug yoy must


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