Sunday, July 8, 2018

Things I have re/learned this week: July 8

Some of you may know I've been posting on Facebook weekly lists of things I have re/learned this week. I want to share them a bit more widely and with the option of a bit more depth, so here we are.

The purpose of this list is both to remind me that I am still learning and to encourage you to remember the same. I'd love to know what you have re/learned this week. Please comment!

  • I am still delicious to mosquitos but the need to be outside makes the risk worthwhile.
  • A corollary: Fine. I'll wear repellent even though it's repellent. No, natural repellents don't do the trick for me. My deliciousness overwhelms it.
  • Stunning art can be crafted from terrible experiences. This is not about mosquitos. 
  • I can always learn more about just about anything, even if it's something I already know a lot about. In this case, watching the art mentioned above has me thinking of whole new ways to tell stories. 
  • I know something about storytelling even if the voices in my head disagree. Finishing my forthcoming book reminds me of this, even at the same time that I'm wondering if there is anything valuable in there. We'll find out soon enough!
  • Telling a friend a secret, even when it's someone you already trust, is a brave and important thing. 
  • There is nothing like teaching something to help me realize how much more there is to learn.
  • It is possible to eat too much watermelon. Don't ask how I know.
What have you re/learned this week? I'd love to know!

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