Monday, April 19, 2010

16 years

It's funny how time flies.

In 1994

Today I am 16 years cancer free. It's my second sixteenth birthday, so I'm wishing myself a sweet sixteen.

In the sixteen years since I began to learn what it means to be a cancer survivor I have:
And really, what more is there? I am alive and grateful for each breath. My love and thanks to all who are accompanying me on the journey.

(c)2010 Laura S. Packer
image courtesy of Einstein's Lock Creative Commons License


  1. Congratulations to your 2nd "sweet sixteen"! It's good to realize that sometimes stories turn out well. (I didn't write "end"... nothing really ends...)

  2. Not a bad way to look back on 16 years. Much love, breda.

  3. clicked on this blog because of the cool picture. Happy 16th again! Even if it was months ago celebrating cancer free is an ongoing process. We celebrate it daily in this house especially everytime I see my daughter out riding her horse. Stage 4 to cancer free in one year! She is a go girl!You are too!


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