Friday, August 13, 2010

Fabulous Flash Award! Thank you!

I am honored and delighted to have been given a Fabulous Flash award by Diandra, writer and creator of Short Stories and Mad Rants. You should read her blog, she has some wonderful stories posted there.

She gave me this award stating that my flash fiction stories are, "short, imaginative and fun to read, and they sound fresh." Cool! I'm really tickled.

The requirement of this award is that I pass it on, so check here next Friday for four great flash fiction authors you should be reading. And if you'd like to read any of my flash fiction just click on the fiction tag to the right.

Thanks again, Diandra, you really made my month.

(c)2010 Laura S. Packer Creative Commons License


  1. Congratulations, Laura! You certainly deserve the recognition!

  2. Well Done Laura
    I love both Migration and the Aerial Angel! I hope I have time to read more and you continue to keep amazing us. thanks for sharing your talent.


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