Tuesday, December 25, 2012

For today, Brother Blue

 If we are very lucky, we meet a few Teachers in the course of our lives. If we're even luckier we notice when they appear.

Brother Blue was my Teacher, as he was for many others. Today is the celebration of another Teacher and, whether or not you are a Christian or a deist,  it's worth taking a moment and remembering the wisdom we've been lucky enough to receive.

My gift to you today. Some wisdom from my Teacher and friend, Brother Blue. Thanks to Seth Itzkan for this video, taken a few years before Blue died.

 Director George Romero cast Brother Blue as Merlin in his film, Knight Riders. It's not a great movie, but it's one with great intentions. The photos are from the set, thanks to Blue's wife, Ruth Hill.

(c)2012 Laura S. Packer Creative Commons License


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh blue! I loved him :-D
    And I love and adore you! Merry Christmas your love and life is a great gift to me

  2. Thanks, only have the pleasure of knowing Blue through others memories.

  3. There are thousands who heard Blue's message, but only some who embody it and keep it alive, and you are one most vital one among them. Thank you for the reminder through Blue himself in the video and to you for bringing it back to us.... Bambi

  4. I love Brother Blue, had the pleasure of interviewing him in 2000 for Black Storytellers Speak video I did for Keepers Of The Culture of Philadelphia.
    He was a icon in storytelling and a butterfly in everyone's heart he touched. He reminded me of my blood father who died too soon and who also had the gift of words. Brother Blue is amazing and so is Ruth his wife too...thanks for the video, brought back great memories of a greater person.

  5. Thanks Laura,
    Lots of smiles from this and other videos it led to me of Blue with his tambourine and harp (hop)!

  6. Were we not blessed, Laura!?! My heart overflows with gratitude for having been in his presence all those Tuesday evenings! Thank you for posting this.
    Love, always,

  7. Thanks for this, Laura. And blessings on you and Kevin in your relocation.A bountiful new year to you--ANDY


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