Friday, December 20, 2013

Interview: Laura on Legacy Alive Testify Radio with Brother John and Lady Knene

I recently had the honor and pleasure of being interviewed by Brother John and Lady Knene for Legacy Alive Testify. This internet radio show is dedicated to the power of story in our lives. I met Brother John shortly after I arrived in Kansas City. He has been wonderfully supportive of my work and was particularly interested in my Kansas City Fringe Performance.

The interview was conducted in the home of Brother John's great aunt, an amazing woman who told us stories of life before the Civil Rights Movement. It was amazing listening to her, a singular honor that she shared her stories with me. As she told her stories we shared a Thanksgiving dinner. I am truly grateful for the chance to talk with my new friends, share my story and break bread together.

This interview is pretty wide-ranging, covering storytelling, cancer, cycling, Brother Blue and more. I hope you like it. To hear it, click here. It looks like a video but it isn't. Enjoy!

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