Thursday, December 5, 2013

Storyquote: Anti-Fairy Tale

Anti-Fairy Tale
By Aryelle

You can keep your Prince Charming
And your Love At First Sight.
A Land Far, Far Away was never my home.
I'll be no Damsel in Distress
Waiting for a White Knight to charge up
And rescue me from the Dragon;
Forget riding off into the Sunset.
I don't want a Fairy Tale.
Being a Princess is boring,
And being Queen is no better.
I was born without a matronly Fairy Godmother,
Ditto a tragic Curse or Prophecy.
There's no Evil Stepmother waiting for me at home.
I'm happy not being the Fairest In The Land.
True Love's Kiss isn't what I'm looking for;
Mine isn't a Forbidden Love.
I'll skip the Royal Ball,
Glass Slippers are uncomfortable
And Pumpkin Carriages are slow.
My hair is not spun Sunlight,
Nor is my skin like Snow;
I can't sing the Birds from the Trees.
Once Upon A Time isn't my beginning,
And I won't live Happily Ever After;
But I promise you, I will live.

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