Sunday, August 31, 2014

The world through my eyes: The Inside Passage

Yesterday I got on a cruise ship and sailed away from Vancouver. Last night and today we've been heading north, going through the Inside Passage where British Columbia eventually meets Alaska.

Every about this is big. The ship is big. The mountains are Big. And the ocean is really, Really BIG. For all that there is land all around us, it's often not visible so I am reminded of how large the world is and how small I am. That's part of why I took this trip.

I woke very early this morning and saw orca. My camera wasn't handy, but please believe me when I tell you they were breathtaking.

Anyway, some of the things I have seen in the last few days. Pretty much all these photos are about bigness and my smallness. More Alaska-y images over the next few days as we make port calls.

You may want to click on the images since blogger often cuts them off. Clicking should bring you to a slide show. Or not. Enjoy either way.

Night time view of the loading docks in Vancouver from my airbnb.
I'm proud of this picture because it's the first really decent night time shot I've taken.
Plus, each of those little rectangles is a containerized cargo shipping box. Big made small.

The moon at sunset. Fog. Mountains.

Leaving Vancouver.
Note the sailboat and the tiny little speck to the left of it - a seaplane.
This picture really should go before the moon, but internet is so costly I'm not taking the time to fix html.


Mist in the morning. There was heavy fog earlier, the ship kept blowing its foghorn.

More sunrise. 

More fog.
Someone lives there.
Little meets big.
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