Thursday, August 28, 2014

The world through my eyes: Seattle

This visit to Seattle is a light touch - I arrived yesterday evening and I leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Here are some of the things I have seen. Please forgive me, I'm still learning to use my camera, so there are some shots that could be better. Glare still confounds me.

A mural near my airbnb

Sunset. The mountains are stunning.

The bay with shipyard and ferris wheel.

I took a tour of Seattle underground (like many cities it is built in layers).
This is a self-portrait, underground. See me?

More Sesttle underground. The debris is from an earthquake in the 1940s.
It was all dumped underground. Handy!

More underground. A story?

One of several fish markets in the Pike Place Market.

Hello handsome!

I loved these pepper bouquets.
Sorry it's washed out, I am still learning how to take pics when there are light sources nearby.

My favorite part of the whole day. This man is the last traditional totem pole carver in his family. His sons are in Iraq, so he is teaching his brother-in-law how to make these. He told me stories about each totem pole. I took this picture with his permission.


This man was singing songs in Spanish, using the long pipe as a percussion instrument and playing the harmonica. He was speaking, with great animation, to people I couldn't see.
These young men stopped to speak with him and treated him with such respect. It was a wonder.

The grossest tourist attraction I have seen. Part of the gum wall. 

You know how you sometimes see glass inset into the sidewalk? This is what it looks like from underground.
Cool, huh?

I love alleys. 

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  1. What wonderful discoveries, Laura! (I except the gum wall.) My son Jack lived in Seattle for 3 years while he was going to Chinese medical school and I visited the city occasionally and loved it (tho it's too far from Maine), but I never saw all that you did. Thanks for taking us with you!

  2. These are so beautiful. I don't know that I will ever get to Seattle, so thank you. I would love those pepper bouquets hanging in my kitchen! They are so bright and cheery.What a fun way to bring color in.


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