Friday, January 11, 2013

From Boston to Kansas City

So, I made it to Kansas City. The road was long and not without adventure, but (to spoil the ending) all is okay.

Last Saturday (less than a week ago!) Kevin and I were preparing for our going-away party. We were excited and tired and nervous. The movers had arrived the day before and much of our life was already boxed, but the party would be fun; among other things, we were getting married, surprising everyone who thought they had come to wish us a safe journey in the most literal sense.

Half-an-hour before we were to leave, both of us rushing to shower and dress, trying not to trip over boxes, we got a call from the realtor who had found us a home in Kansas City. The whole process had been a little odd, she'd refused to let us sign a lease though she happily took our money. She wanted us to sign once we arrived, saying that way we wouldn't be paying rent until we were there. We objected, she insisted, and we were so relieved at finding a home that we didn't push the way we should have.

The house had been sold, she told us. Sorry, you don't have a place to live or put your stuff when the movers make it to KC in 10 days.

Her story changed as she repeated it, so both Kevin and I believe she knew about the likely sale ahead of time, that this was why she didn't want us to sign a lease; we were her ace-in-the-hole if the sale fell through. Be that as it may, we didn't have time to worry about her unethical behavior, we had a party with a wedding to go to, we had movers to oversee... we were busy.

The party was fun, the wedding was great and the next day the movers came back. We decided I should go to KC early to find housing, so I left on Monday as the movers were packing the truck, leaving Kevin to deal with them and the apartment clean-up without me.

From Malden to Kansas City is about 1425 miles. I arrived Wednesday afternoon, 2-and-a-half days of determined driving. Tuesday, my longest driving day, covered 700 miles. Along the way I saw stunning landscape, eroding farmhouses, mountains and plains, the wonder and oddity of this country. It was beautiful. It also gave me time to process some of my emotions about leaving Boston and time to strategize around finding a home.

Upon my arrival I immediately saw two homes (one lovely but with a limited lease, the other not really what I was looking for). I was prepared to go with the limited lease, just to have a home base, when one last home listing caught my eye. I sent an email at 11pm Wednesday, looked at the property at 9am Thursday and had a signed lease by 1pm. Just like that.

This home is beautiful. It's in a great neighborhood, blocks from a terrific bookstore and shops, and the house itself is warm and bright. Clearly, all of this madness was the universe conspiring to give us the home we really needed, not just a good-enough place.

All told, I am grateful. I am also tired, worn-out, exhausted and weary. Today and tomorrow I'm mostly resting. Once we're settled I will rest a little more before I undertake my next adventure. Because that's what it all is. An adventure.

Life is shaped by how we view it. While all of this has been stressful I'd rather view it as an adventure and fodder for more stories, than see it as anything else.

I'll keep you posted. Who knows what else the road will bring?

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  1. This is good, very good news, that you and Kevin have now a roof over your head, and heat around your feet. And a better roof, and better heat than you first thought. Take time to hug each other, take a moment to toast all your New England Friends who wish you nothing but the best, and enjoy learning, meeting new neighbors and new stories, new restaurants and new people. 10,000 hugs attached.

    1. All 10,000 hugs are hugged back and New England friends are in our hearts. You are part of why the house is warm and welcoming!

  2. Aaargh! As it unfolds how MUCH we didn't know at that "goodbye party" . . . You are the queen of poise, Laura, and I am so happy that the universe has rewarded you! Please post a photo of the house so we can imagine you. Has furniture arrived or are you sleeping on the floor?
    Sending hugs upon hugs upon hugs

    1. Everything (and I mean everything, the loading will be awe inspiring) arrives on Monday. For now I'm safe and sound in a very nice hotel.

      I'll post pictures soon.


  3. Well, Laura, you two have obviously accumulated some very good karma and are being rewarded. So happy that you have already found more than what you were looking for. Sorry to have missed the party, but already looking forward to my visit in August! Go well and joyously into your next chapter! xo

  4. Laura, have you considered an acting career? Who knew last week what was ahead! Poise incorporated. Your new home looks so beautiful. I hate to say this, because it's my hometown, but your original realtor sounds awfully like the guy that ripped off David (my sweetie) when he moved to NYC years ago.

    1. Yeah, the realtor didn't behave well, though she keeps saying how sorry she is.

      And I try to accept each event as it happens; last Saturday I couldn't solve the housing problem, so tried to just be in the moment. I hope to never need to get married again, so I wanted to pay attention!

    2. Very very wise. When David and I got married 16 years into our relationship (by Tony Toledo I should add) in NYC at the now gone Mayflower Hotel I kept thinking next time I'll do...then I thought, NEXT TIME????? Hey!

  5. Once there was a girl who strayed into a forest following a huge Morpho butterfly. There she found many strange creatures and sites. Some of them were frightening, some bizare, but always, when things appeared their worst a helper of one form or another who be there for her. When she was at her most desperate, the Big Blue Morpho butterfly appeared and helped her. There was one last obstacle, which was the Great River - even though she could not remember crossing it in the first place. The Morpho gave the girl the ability to fly and she did - across the river to where she belonged. Since then she has always kept part of the butterfly within her.

    1. Aaahhhhh....

      Thank you, my dear friend.

      The hardest part about leaving the Malden house was knowing I would never again have a home blessed by Blue...

      Please come visit.

  6. Laura,

    It's great to hear that you lived to tell the tale. It's amazing to me that you have the energy and focus to tell it to us, your tribe. You know who we are out here in cyberspace, and you draw strength from us through your words.


    1. Thank you for the reminder, Mike. And how could I not share it with my tribe? I'm now an adventurer, bringing tales from home to far away. Though I have to say, I think KC will become home...
      Take care.

  7. Laura,

    I am so grateful to read that you arrived safely, and by now, so has Kevin. Such wonders await you, wrapped up in mystery...for the moment, but your belief in possibilities will hold you in good stead.

    You are so right, the universe was conspiring to help you find the perfect home and I just know, in the not too distant future, we will be hearing about a new storytelling venue you are beginning in that glorious bookstore.

    Be well and remember to breathe...


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