Sunday, June 9, 2013

Storytelling Alphabet, Q through Z.

As you know, I decided to blog a storytelling alphabet in May. I've posted summaries here (A-E), here (F-J) and here (K-P). This is the last summary. I hope you've found this useful and interesting. I'd love any feedback you'd care to share. I'm going to expand this into a book and am looking for other topics, things you'd really like to see. Thanks!

These summaries are quite short, since there are so many in this post. Please click on the links for thoughts and more information.

Q is for Quiet. Some thoughts on what we need in our creative process. I need quiet. What do you need?

R is for Research. Do your research for every story you tell. Whether fiction, fairy tale or fact, make sure the verifiable parts are fact-checked so, if you choose to deviate from the agreed-upon truth, you know what you're doing and why. A variety of good research sites are listed.

S is for Scary. Tips and tricks for telling scary stories. Make sure you find the story chilling, as well as some hints for more effective telling.

S is also for Storytelling. Some thoughts on why organizations need storytelling.

T is for Triangle. Performance storytelling is actually all about mediating a set of relationships between teller, tale and audience. An exploration of the storytelling triangle, how it works and how you can use it.

U is for Uncomfortable. Growth is uncomfortable. We need to be willing to try new, uncomfortable things to learn more about ourselves and our craft.

V is for Voice. A storyteller's voice is her instrument. Some thoughts about how to most effectively use your voice.

W is for wx5+1. A little math for story structure and development. Good stories answer who/what/where/when/why/how.

X is for X the Unknown. Every storytelling performance will have unknown elements. The weather could change, the world can change, your audience might all have food poisoning. Some thoughts on how to cope with the unknown.

Y is for Yes, and... Improv and flexibility is vitally important for every storyteller. Some thoughts on accepting all ideas and circumstances.

Z is for Zowie plus an announcement. Some thoughts on blogging the alphabet, the fun of being a storyteller and announcing the storytelling abc book.

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