Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Storytelling Alphabet, k-p

As you know by now, I'm blogging the storytelling alphabet daily through May. You can see Part 1 here and Part 2 here. This week we covered k-p; here is a summary.

K is for Karma
What goes around comes around. When storytellers are good listeners, help other tellers and behave ethically, it helps them and their communities. There is abundance for all. You can read K is for Karma here. 

L is for Listening
Storytelling starts with listening. Storytellers need to listen to the world around them for material. We need to listen to other tellers to learn more about telling and to support each other. We need to be listened to, in order to hone our craft. The world is a better place when we listen more. You can read L is for Listening here. 

M is for Monsters
As storytellers, we are intimate with monsters. Not only the monsters that haunt any artist, but the monsters in our material. When we understand our monsters better we can build more sympathetic characters and a better relationship with the audience. You can read M is for Monsters here.

N is for Nonsense and News
Some tips and tricks on the value of nonsense in stories.  And some thoughts about what to do when the news intrudes on our storytelling life and how to accept and incorporate outside events into our arts. You can read N is for News here. 

O is for Opportunity
We never know when we'll have the opportunity to tell a needed story, hear the right tale or get a gig. We need to be open to opportunity and accept it in all its guises. You can read O is for Opportunity here. 

P is for Practice
Storytelling is like any other art: We need to practice. It can be hard to remember this in the drunken moment of performance, but everything we do is part of our storytelling practice. Some tips and tricks for practicing stories. You can read P is for Practice here. 

We're on the downhill side of the alphabet now. Stay tuned to find out hos I handle Q,  and Z!

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