Tuesday, May 7, 2013

F is for...fun

Today's post was suggested by my friend, Mike Lockett.

Thus far we have:
A is for about
B is for beginnings
C is for character
D is for death
E is for ethics and endings.

It seemed like time for a little fun.

If you're not having fun storytelling then you need to take a good, long look at what you're doing. Storytelling is one of the most playful things you can do, regardless of the age of your audience or (often) the content of your story.

Think about it.

Storytelling requires us to be agile, to think on our feet, to interact easily with those around us. We're the center of the world for a few minutes when we tell a story well. We have a chance to get adults to play like children and to treat children like the adults we hope they will become.

Each performance gives us a chance to play with our audience. We can do so overtly, by asking them to sing or chant or respond to us, or we can do so covertly because there is no fourth wall - you can always ask someone with the giggles what's so funny. You may very well be delighted with their answer.

Each time I tell stories, even if they are difficult ones, I am filled with wonder that I have the opportunity to connect with my audience. It is a humble kind of awe. And I know each time I'm on stage that I am exactly where I should be, that my course is clear, that my actions have integrity and authenticity. It may not be the same kind of fun as riding a roller coaster, but it's certainly as thrilling.

Every time we tell stories to a live, listening audience we are connecting with our most ancient traditions. We are reaching back across space and time to our primal selves and saying Yes, we are still here. These things still matter. We are still on this journey together.

What's more, we can use storytelling to make people laugh, to get them to sing or dance. We become bigger than we are in the everyday when we tell and listen to stories, when we collectively reimagine the world.

How can that not be fun?

When we approach our craft with a spirit of joy and abundance we are creating a world where stories change lives. Where children squeal with glee. Where adults gasp in awe. Where we all get to live happily ever after, even if it's just for a moment or two.

That seems like the best kind of fun on the world to me. I'd love to hear about some of your fun moments, too.

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