Monday, February 19, 2018

Ask the storyteller: What is #askthestoryteller about anyway?

Welcome to the next installment of #askthestoryteller, a monthly column where I answer a few questions about various storytelling topics. A number of you have asked me why I'm doing this, so that is this month's answer.

Q: Just what is #askthestoryteller?
A: #Askthestoryteller is a monthly opportunity for me to answer your specific questions about storytelling and its related topics. Past questions have included telling stories from other cultures; when is it appropriate to swear in a story; why do I tell stories; how do you deal with interruptions; tips for dealing with creative blocks; how to get gigs; and so on. I'm looking forward to new questions!

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Because I learn best when I engage. I become a better storyteller, coach, consultant, and teacher by telling stories, coaching, consulting and teaching. It's also a way for me to share over 25 years of experience with a broader audience.

Q: Why should we believe your answers are the right ones?
A: You shouldn't. My answers are based on my years of experience and my thoughts on the art and craft of storytelling. They all come out of my understanding. You should always think about answers you're given and decide what parts work for you and what parts won't.
If you're asking about my qualifications to write this column, then you should know that I have 25+ years as a working storyteller; I have written extensively about the art, craft, and application of our work; and I am passionate about sharing what I know.

Q: But my question feels kind of lame.
A: Honestly, there are no dumb questions. Each question gives me a chance to think on a topic in a new way, and I'm sure others are wondering the same thing. I welcome simple, complex, challenging, philosophical, etc questions.

Q: So how do I submit a question?
A: Ask! Post something in the comment, send me an email, post it on my page in Facebook, tweet it to me. I welcome them and can't wait to see where we go together!

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