Monday, February 12, 2018

Storytime: No, I don't have horns, recorded for Racebridges Studios

RaceBridges Studios is an amazing project run by Susan O'Halloran, devoted to using storytelling to build bridges across divides of race, culture, religion, sexuality, and more. They offer a wide array of stories and other free materials to teach diversity. This is storytelling making a real difference in how people interact. Susan is saving the world, story by story.

It has been my honor to contribute two stories to RaceBridges. This is the second.

When I was 13, I visited friends who lived in rural North Carolina. I arrived full of northern urban  misconceptions about the people who lived in Appalachia, and encountered some misconceptions from them about people like me. I was fortunate; I was able to learn from the experience and I hope they were, too.

You can find a variety of teaching materials to use with this story at the RaceBridges site. I hope you find this story interesting and maybe just a little bit useful.

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  1. Wow. You are so amazing. Even your 13 year old self! May we all be this alive and open, intuitive and accepting.


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