Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The world through my eyes: Alaska big and small

My final day in Alaska was splendid. My wonderful new friend Melissa took me to Independence Mine State Park and other great sites. I posted pictures from the mine here. And this is the rest of the day.

As before, these are large images so you may want to double-click on them to see them in a larger size.

As we drove along we passed this farm. Note the lovely fireweed in the front and the old bus.

The farm had reindeer (who were camera shy) and this very friendly buffalo. He followed us as we walked along the fence.

Views from the farm.
The Alaska Range. Looking the other way from the farm.

I loved the light on this ridge.

As we were admiring the buffalo, mountains and reindeer, we heard a peculiar cry overhead. Sandhill cranes migrating.
It's worth double clicking on this one and looking at the birds close up. They are lovely.

From the farm we came to this river overlook. If you look carefully you'll find my heart of the day from Kevin.

Wisdom from philosophical graffiti.

Note the Alaska range in the distance.

A different river. The river bed is utterly clogged with glacial silt.

Close up of the silt.

An eagle being harried by a crow.
As we continued our drive Denali (Mt. McKinley) came into view. We were about 160 miles away. It's a BIG mountain.

I liked all the contrasts here. Mountains, traffic, Target. We were in Wasilla, home to a certain Alaska politician.
The photo is dark because it was taken through the car windshield.

From there we went to Independence Mine and then this state park. I don't remember the name.
Note the teeny tiny people on top of the ridge.

The biome in these mountains are alpine tundra. I fell in love with the foliage. 
Each of these plants was TINY. Such beauty in miniature in the midst of overwhelming grandeur.

These mushroom caps were the size of a third of dime.

This is reindeer moss.
It was a good trip and this last day was stunning. I am grateful.

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