Saturday, September 27, 2014

The world through my eyes: Kansas City Saturday

A gorgeous day here in Kansas City. I brought my camera with me to City Market, to home, to an abandoned lot and on the highway home again. This camera was Kevin's. He became interested in portraiture so he bought a camera and several lenses. He never really got to use it. This is one of those lessons in not waiting; he wanted to take classes first. I have been using it and making mistakes and capturing some nice images.
Every time I use this camera now I feel connected to him. I miss him terribly. Maybe now he sees the world through my eyes and his lens. All of these images (and all the images I have ever posted) are not retouched.

I started out at City Market. The harvest colors were amazing.
I got some lovely veggies for the week.

Once home I found I had a new friend.

After some puttering I set out to meet some other widows at a mall in Kansas City, KS. 
I deliberately gave myself some extra time so I could wander in the abandoned lots not too far away. 
I found beauty.
For scale, these daisies are about the size of a nickel.
I suggest double clicking on these; I was only able to get so close before they flew away.

On my way home I pulled over to watch the sunset.

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