Sunday, September 7, 2014

The world through my eyes: Skagway

Wednesday took us to Skagway, a well-preserved gold rush era town. It would have been charming but the town is utterly over run with tourists. I was one of 7000 visiting all at the same time. I understand why they do this, but it made it hard to navigate.

I ended up taking a train ride along an old pass, traveling a gold rush era trail. The train was narrow track, the cars were old and some of the views were good, even when it was foggy. The fog, in fact, yielded some of my favorite moments.

Fog. Trees.

Note the old telegraph pole. Many still have the glass insulators that sell for so much in antique shops.
I heard it referred to as the "wireless" network since it no longer has wires. Ha.

We followed this river for miles. The water is a light aqua color because it's full of glacial silt. 
More river.

Unused spur

This bridge is called the "ghost bridge" for reasons that become quite obvious in the fog.

Pulling out of Skagway on the ship, you can see where the silt-laden river water hits the ocean. It was really triking. That grey section is not beach, but water full of ground up mountain!

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