Thursday, September 10, 2009

Creation stories

Let there be light...

When the world was created, whether through a cosmic explosion out of nothingness, through the word of God, or through some other incomprehensible event, all of the matter that ever was and ever will be was born

My parents met at a party. My mother was invited by the bald man on the bus, my father went with a friend...

Our own creation, out of this ancient material reformed into flesh and mind, is no less miraculous than the creation of the universe.

In the beginning there was only darkness. Suddenly a small bearded man, the One Who Lives Above, appeared rubbing his eyes as if just awakened. The man, the Creator, rubbed his hands together and there appeared a little girl, Girl-Without-Parents. The creator rubbed his face with his hands and there stood the Sun-God. Again Creator rubbed his sweaty brow and from his hands dropped Small-boy.

Creation stories are a deep and powerful part of our psyche. Regardless of whether they have spiritual significance for you, the stories of our beginnings, collective or singular, help us understand who we are and where we come from. That's their job, it's what they do.

My mother was in labor for almost 24 hours when I finally decided to come into the world. I was a breach baby, presenting the world with my bottom first, which may explain a thing or two.

When we explore our own, personal creation story we can learn things about ourselves we might never have known. We may discover unexpected paths and avenues. We may find out that we are not who we expected to be.

When we explore the creations stories of the world we find ourselves hidden in the gods.

* * *

I have come to believe that exploring the act of mythic creation, both personal and global, helps feed our entire creative being. I wrote yesterday that there would be a contest today; I'm sorry, but I am rescinding the offer for today, I'll give you one later in the week. I instead would invite you to write or draw a piece of your own creation story. If you feel as though you don't have a creation story, here are some starting points:
  • How did your parents meet?
  • What was the weather like when you were born?
  • Did anything dangerous happen to you as a child? How did you survive?
  • What was a defining moment, when was a time when you really knew who you were?
  • How did you meet your mate?
When exploring any of these topics, feel free to expand upon it. Make it mythic. It wasn't drizzling the night you were born; a rare, inland hurricane was lashing the land. You may have met your mate in high school, but you battled for their affection against wicked enemies. You get the picture.

I'd love to hear or see anything you come up with. These don't have to be long stories, it's a chance for you to explore your own mythical past. Don't we all deserve a creative once-upon-a-time?

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  1. Very evocative musing today, Ms. P. Thanks.

  2. Very evocative musings Ms.P - thanks.
    I am working on a story about my parents meeting called: Romance Don't Add Up or the Mathematics of Love. It isn't written but spoken into a recorder.

  3. Taking these one at a time...

    * How did your parents meet?

    My mother's cousin Elizabeth introduced them.

    * What was the weather like when you were born?

    I suppose it was hot, but I don't know for sure. Detroit is usually hot in July.

    * Did anything dangerous happen to you as a child? How did you survive?

    I suppose I'd have to say the Detroit riots of 1967. Mom put all us kids in the car and we went to visit my aunt in the country.

    * What was a defining moment, when was a time when you really knew who you were?

    Driving north on I-35 after a Reserve drill weekend, looking at the central Texas countryside and listening to KRLD on the radio.

    * How did you meet your mate?

    She came to visit a friend of mine while I was at his house.



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