Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday sightseeing

Today's set of links focuses on travel from in front of your screen. I love the way the net lets us dream the world more easily.

Atlas Obscura explores the stranger corners of the world. Cataloged by both locale and type of curiosity, the Atlas encourages you to plan your next trip not only for pleasant breezes and cultural exchange but also for curiosity and wonder.

Creepy Russian Playgrounds is exactly what it describes. It makes me grateful for the playground of my youth.

Scouting New York is a wonderful blog that explores hidden places in New York City. I refer to this blog every time I go to NYC.

Top 10 abandoned places list ten wonderful places I hope to visit. You may have noticed a theme here; I love abandoned places, the sense of what has been, the hope that lingers in the corners.

And lastly, the online Dictionary of Imaginary Places. Because it's nice to not be in this world sometimes. Heck, I spend a lot of time out of this world.

Have a good trip!

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