Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday, Monday...

I know Mondays can be hard. I often find the beginning of the week hits me like a brick wall I wasn't expecting, even though I had every reason and every reasonable expectation to assume that yes, Monday was going to happen. Honestly, it's not as though the kinds of things that happen to me on Mondays are so terrible, just that it's the shift from weekend life back into the more regulated and scheduled work-week that I find so challenging.

On Mondays throughout September I'd like to try to lighten the Monday load a little, soften the blow just a touch and maybe offer a tool to make the week seem a tad less overwhelming.

Here goes.

Remember. Monday is, quite literally, the Moon's Day. There is a reason you are still dreamy and drifty on Monday, you're still half in the realm of starlight and hidden answers. According to the old nursery rhyme, "Monday's child is fair of face," so today you are especially lovely (yes, I know I'm distorting the meaning of the rhyme, but work with me here). And Monday won't last forever. It's only one day.

To pass the time. Part of my challenge with Mondays is regaining focus. To help myself come to wherever and whenever I need to be, I often write lists. So here is your Monday challenge:
Write a list of three things you'd like to accomplish by the end of the day. Only one can be practical, the others have to be joyful, silly, or otherwise intended to help remind you that this is only one more day in your life. Because that's what it is - a day in your life. How cool is that? Feel free to post your list as a comment to give yourself a little bit of accountability, then send me an email for follow-up.

Here's my list:
  • Drive home from the house of stories with minimal whining (the one practical thing).
  • Take at least three pictures while on the drive.
  • Once home, lie down in the backyard and admire the sky. Or the rain. Or the stars. For at least five minutes. Afterwards write down a few of the wonders I saw today.
Don't take yourself too seriously. Laugh a little. Here's a site that reliably makes me chuckle. Please note, this isn't for kids. Old Jews Telling Jokes.

Have a wonderful day. The Moon and I are both rooting for you.

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