Friday, September 11, 2009

The observed world, part 2

Today is September 11th. You know that already. Eight years ago today, just like everyone else, I watched the world change. Sometimes I imagine what the world would be like if someone had said, "Stop. What are you doing?" just a bit sooner. Would things be any different? I don't know.

The observed world, in the last 24 hours. Two moments.
  1. At about 8:45am EST this morning I was coming off of an exit ramp from the highway. I noticed a flag at half-mast and thought, "Why is that flag - oh." At the bottom of the hill was an older man wearing a military uniform, standing with his hat over his heart.
  2. Last night around 5:30pm I was in line at the grocery store. The man behind me had a bag of tomatoes, another of potatoes and a dozen eggs. I smiled at him and mentioned it looked like a great dinner. He said, "We're breaking our fast soon. You know, for Ramadan." I wished him a happy Ramadan and we talked about the merits of spiritual fasting. I told him I'm Jewish and have fasted for a day as needed, but nothing like what he's doing. And he smiled, told me God smiles at all of us, and invited me to come break fast with his community.
The world has changed. In some ways I believe it has changed for the better. May this day and may all days bring us a greater chance for peace.

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